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Consolidate with QuietSpeculation.

You obviously are not able to keep up with the various requests that have been posted in this section. Hell, you keep taking money from poor innocent ex-members that have fallen for your deception, even after numerous complaints. Let's face it, you don't even have the funds available to make basic things like customer service and tech support sustainable on a full time basis. The fact that you guys aren't even answering the ideas posed here, let alone addressing the backlog of bugs/crappy interface issues speaks for itself. You guys are also losing Protraders day by day because of this lack of response. The answer is not to simply make more and more things Protrader-that will just kill off even more of the already small interest in this site. You guys will be earning much more money if you just teamed up with QuietSpeculation, which seems to have the resources and the money to fix any issues. Or hell, just shut down this site and find real jobs and/or devote more time to them, so everyone can be happier. There's no point in keeping this substandard site up any further. Shut it down.

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    Morgan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • johnzielke commented  · 

        if they want me to give them money again they need to list tokens, fix missing cards from sets, fix import export tool, etc... too many issues!

      • Jackie C commented  · 

        The staff are hopelessly incompetent at this point. I tried to give them a chance when things were downhill and James said things were going to improve. It's been six months since he made that claim, and the site has just failed to deliver. They really don't deserve any more chances at this point, and I agree with the others that the site should be shut down (since the tech is on sick leave for months) and the others should move on.

      • Madeline Karpov commented  · 

        The developers are the most incompetent group of people I've ever seen. Get help.

      • Keith Sherman commented  · 

        This site is hopeless now... it already has a bad reputation with no redeeming features, according to many former Protraders. Even if the admins had the money to fix everything up (doubtful), why wouldn't they just put themselves first and let this site rot even further?

        To the admins: You've already squeezed this orange very dry. You're not going to get any more money without getting into trouble for scamming and embezzlement. Just quit while you're ahead (assuming you guys are).

      • Gerald Rodriguez commented  · 

        It's disgusting that many of the listed issues here aren't handled in a timely manner. Absolute no-no in customer service. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this site at all. Just quit already, since this is obviously too big for you guys to handle.

      • Reginald commented  · 

        I would also like to corroborate with everything that has been said, with regards to customer service, the attitude with the admins (especially James Chillcott with his poisonous and condescending attitude), and the broken nature of the tools. This site is extremely worthless now and should just be bought and fixed up by some higher entity like QuietSpeculation, as it cannot be allowed to remain as it is.

      • Arella commented  · 

        Just loading the site's main page takes FOREVER. Seeing as there's already a crapload of people who reported this, it shows that the owners are not competent enough to run this site. Just go to QuietSpeculation already. There's absolutely no reason to go to this site anymore (except to voice concerns such as the above idea and to confirm these problems) and more and more people are realizing this day by day.

      • pulsemage commented  · 

        What the hell is there to say about this site? It's gone downhill ever since the summer of 2016, and James and co have only accelerated this downhill spiral. Still waiting for the day that they give up and face the real world. Hell, I am only here to confirm the now many voices that say that this place sucks MAJOR now and that any cent spent there is just worse than throwing it in the trash.

      • Rian G commented  · 

        James Chillcott's recent statements make him look like a miniature version of Donald Trump. He always plays to part of his (shrinking) Protrader base and he treats everybody else (ex-Protraders, Protraders that have complaints, casual viewers, etc) as basically as "I don't care or give a damn what you think, because I don't owe you anything and you're frankly just half-informed and know nothing." He always touts the site with facts that are often useless, without or the proper context, and even are downright lies and fails to address concerns in a timely manner. This site has very poor quality and customer service, and I think it needs a major housecleaning.

      • Harry commented  · 

        The interface also sucks shit. Surprised nobody has mentioned that.

      • Chris commented  · 

        This is just worse than QuietSpeculation in every way. Sure the membership fee is cheaper, but the quality is WAAAY too inferior.

      • Roger commented  · 

        So this is what it's come to now. The community used to thrive back in the earlier years, as this was *the* site to go to for free mtg financial advice. This is what happens when you make a site paid-only without enough support. The neglect and lying shown by the admins was just sickening, and the exodus is just continuing. Really wish they would be more on top of things, but I guess that's asking too much. Just let the QS people take over, since the site was better when the QS writers were around.

      • Tim commented  · 

        Ugh, the article quality AND quantity has gone down fast. Reading many of the articles nowadays is a stinging chore because of their many spelling and grammar errors. Did they suddenly not afford to have the time to proofread their shit or something? Just get some more help by merging.

      • Erik commented  · 

        Seriously, this site is not worth it. I feel sorry for the writers and the devlopers... they are really not able to keep up with what the site needs, and the quality of their articles is far too substandard to be worth paying any amount of money.

      • Dan J commented  · 

        It's really sad how far this site has fallen. This used to be a great place to go back in late 2014, but lately, the owners are just becoming more greedy and sleazy with complete indifference to the real truth. I'm surprised their behavior hasn't bit them in the ass yet.

        Oh, and I also endorse this idea.

      • Dan commented  · 

        What Jimenez said. This site has gone down the toilet, thanks to the ignorance and arrogance of James Chillcott. He has repeatedly shown to me that he is neither worth dealing with nor competent in properly running a finance site. If I was his boss, I would have fired his ass a long time ago.

      • jimenez commented  · 

        Signed. The owners of this blog (especially James Censorcott) are just a bunch of money-grubbing, tone-deaf dictators that enjoy deleting comments, spouting completely false comments, and having their own elitist ways. Fuck this site.

      • Phitt commented  · 

        Completely in agreement here- Every single article nowadays is sloppily written, with a buttload of typos. As I said before, It just looks like a random guy gets money for writing *something* about Magic finance and pulling content out of his ass just to get the word count he needs to get paid for his article. The final two nails in the coffin are the lack of customer service and the fact that Jason Alt’s EDH articles are now Protrader. As such, there is ZERO incentive to go to this site, as even Jason's articles are not worth the money. It's sad that James and the admins don't give a shit about the users outside their Protrader circle-some of us outsiders have made quite a bit of contributions and assistance in the comments. We shouldn't have to stand for this, but the truth is, the site is getting less and less money and should just close the fuck down.

      • Mike commented  · 

        Hell yes. Shut this piece of shit down already and move on.

      • Johnny commented  · 

        Agreed. Give this site its last rites and kill it already. It's the worst site I've ever seen. I'm only staying to confirm the many complaints that this site has.

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