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I feel like having an app on my phone with the prices and graphs would be pretty awesome. There could possibly be an alert when a card on your wishlist drops in price. Also there could be an alert when a card in your collection goes up in price. These alerts could be changed to not go off unless the price passes a certain increase/decrease point as opposed to just a penny in either direction.

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    Andrew Hinson shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminMTGprice.com (Admin, mtgprice.com) responded  · 

    We have started working on the app!

    Help us fund development: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365447257/magic-the-gathering-mtg-pricing-trading-and-collec

    What we’re building

    We’re building an Android and iOS app with the following features:

    1. Fast price lookup with autocomplete. Shows our “Fair Trade Price”, current price at a bunch of stores, historical price graph. We pull prices from many difference sources, not just a single site.

    The premium version of the app will also show buylist prices (the cash price a vendor will pay you).

    This is our core use-case: the idea is that you’ll be able to pull out your phone and know the price and price history of a card (in any printing) in under five seconds.

    2. “My Collection” tool. Track your complete magic collection and its total value. Track the value over time in a graph. See which cards have changed in price recently.

    Manage your “wishlist” of cards and receive alerts when we find especially good deals on these cards.

    Track multiple collections – perhaps you want to track all the cards you lent a friend, or all the cards in a particular deck.

    3. Fair Trade Wizard. Trading with someone at a GP? Just pull out the MTGPrice.com App and you can tally up each side of the trade. The premium version of the app (which you’ll receive if you back us) also has an option to show buylist prices of every card in the trade.

    We don’t stop there. The Fair Trade Wizard will log this trade for you, automatically updating your collection and wishlists. It will also let you review these trades in the future so you can see if you’re making good trades over time.

    4. Trade Matcher. Want to trade with another app user? Just enter their username (or scan a QR code) and be told all of the things someone wants from you and what you can give them.

    The MTGPrice.com app will work out the best possible trade between the two of you, taking into account every single card you have for trade and every card in your wishlist.

    The premium version (which all backers receive) will also let you mark specific cards as high or low priority so you can ensure you get those above all others.

    5. Trade Locator. Find everyone in the area with the MTGPrice.com App and arrange trades with them!

    Imagine being at a GP with four thousand people in the room. You need a foil Snapcaster Mage but can’t find anyone with one to trade. Hit the “Trade Locator” button and see everyone with trades nearby. Type in a card and see any users with that specific card for trade.

    (Of course, you can disable this feature whenever you don’t feel like trading.)

    6. Price alerts. We’ll give you an alert if a card on your wishlist or in your collection sees a price movement past a particular threshold. We’ll also tell you which cards you don’t own are currently hot and which are drifting downwards.

    7. ProTrader features. MTGPrice.com has a service (currently $4.99/month) that provides a TON of extra features for people with larger collections. For example, you can view historical inventory graphs for specific vendors, get daily alert emails showing trending cards and use advanced tools to find the best deals available form each store. (You can read more about ProTrader here: http://www.mtgprice.com/protraderSignup.jsp)

    As part of the app, we’ll have additional ProTrader features available for subscribers, including in-app price alerts.


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      • Slowburner commented  · 

        These are good suggestions Andrew, thanks. I was held up a little on v2.0 but have that as a working version now, with all the cards for the current Standard format. As soon as that's out there, you can play around with it and let me know what's next. If you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to Beta test it for me, and get that now and the final version for free, I'd be pleased to sort it out for you? (The offer's good for others who might be interested also).

      • Ian Marra commented  · 

        Another big thing for an app would be the ability to view your collection and add/remove on the fly which would make it a far superior trading tool because of less micromanagement of your assets at a later date.

      • Slowburner commented  · 

        The new version of Money Rares will shortly be available with all five of the current editions in Standard ie. Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon's Maze, Magic Core Edition 2014 and Theros.

        I'm planning to bug fix the existing Money Rares and re-release it free, which gives you all the latest MTGPrice.com pricing for Modern Masters.

        So when both of those are out there (should be the end of November), I hope there'll be some uptake from users here, and that you'll get back to me with what you want it to do in the paid version, eh? Cheers!

      • Matt Baetzhold commented  · 

        As far as I can tell you don't have an app for Android yet correct? Also, I was curious with your app does it have a trade function like the one found on the MTG Familiar app?

        If you're not familiar (no pun intended) with it the app uses TCG aggregate prices, which you can set to low, mid, or high and allows you to look up and make two side by side lists to evaluate a trade.

        It's really handy and not to knock TCG but I'd be much happier being able to do something like this using your prices.

      • Slowburner commented  · 

        I'm pleased to say the App was released last week, and should be advancing through various versions and updates in short order.

        It perhaps disappointingly only ships at present with the recent MMA set, which I thought to be the most useful for for those interested in trading for profit.

        However, I will be pleased to develop the application's future updates in the priority order indicated by App owners.

        Since App owners will get updates for life, and the life of the App is guaranteed until at least December 2014, this will likely mean that owners get whatever they want from the App going forward.

        It uses MTGPrice.com's Fair Trade prices of course, and it looks fantastic!

        Director, Fudõshin Design

      • Slowburner commented  · 

        Hi Andrew, I don't know if you're still using MTGPrice.com, but I've just created an iPhone App, which may interest you? I've contacted MTGPrice.com about using their prices, and today contacted them again with screenshots. The App should be available from early next week, 9th July. Regards, Scotty

      • Ari commented  · 

        Would love an Android app to be able to remotely access your fair trade prices.

      • Sal commented  · 

        I would love an app for this site with alerts and speculation tracker would be awesome

      • Brad Taylor commented  · 

        this would be an awesome thing.

      • Mike commented  · 

        I change my mind on an APP, would be useful to track card prices, aka set an alert for card prices that have gone up / down, notify me on cards I'm speculating on that reach a price up or down, I'm interested in seeing.

      • Mike commented  · 

        the mobile version of the site works fine for me. no need for an app... alerts though, definitely agree there..

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